Guide for exhibitors

① What is BATOMA ?

“BA(PLACE) to(and) MA(SPACE)” suggests proposals to make dairy life more fruitful with interior, design and art. Offers places of presentation for artists and creators, promotes business exchanges and produces spaces where variety of information comes across. BATOMA organizes business-oriented interior trade show and interior-related information events.


Originally branching out from "BATOMA TRADESHOW" for design, art and product, BATOMA CHRISTMAS is a unique joint exhibition purely focused on Christmas. Christmas is one of the most competitive periods for the interior industries. To make the upcoming season more enjoyable, we are holding an exhibition in May to let people allowed greater time to order. We are pleased to introduce various items such as gifts and ornaments perfectly matched to your Christmas, coordinating in a creative world that only BATOMA could produce.

② BATOMA CHRISTMAS vol.14 Outline

Theme: Christmas
Date: 2019. 3. 27 (wed) - 3. 29 (fri) 3 Days
Laforet HARAJUKU 6F 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


③ Benefits for Exhibitors

1. Visitors can purchase the exhibited items.

As an experimental feature of the exhibition, items for sale serves as an appealing factor for the exhibitors.
For visitors, because items are now for sale, questions and new topic of conversation will emerge.

2. Promotions and advertising of the event.

Mail Newsletters are sent to over 20,000 subscribers.
In addition to focusing on advertisements and promotions to gain appeal for the exhibition, H.P FRANCE also aims to raise awareness through articles in various medias.

3. Reviewing and improving the presentation

One point we insist on is that the focus of the exhibition should not only rest on selling items, but on reviewing and improving the presentation of items in the booth.
Exhibitors who are uncertain about or wish to improve their presentation can request professional support to display products in a more appealing and attractive way.

Staffs from H.P. FRANCE interact meticulously with the exhibitor in order produce the best presentation of their exhibiting items.
This operation is the very best feature of the event.

④ How to exhibit(The procedure required until exhibition)

1 Exhibitor’s application (including audition)
2 Notice of successful exhibitors
3 Send out exhibitor’s contract
4 Complete payment of Exhibitor’s fee
5 Send option plans to exhibitors
6 Orientation meeting for exhibitors 7 Move in exhibiting items and prepare for exhibition
8 The first day of BAtoMA vol.08
9 Last day, move out

⑤ Exhibiting fee

■ Normal Exhibition Booth


¥180,000(w/o tax)


¥280,000(w/o tax)


¥500,000(w/o tax)

※ The exhibiting fee includes the cost of the space, one wall for back of booth, and booth number sign.
※ When determining the location of the booths, organizers will take into account the exhibitor’s preference and decide its location.

■ Promotion Booth


¥500,000~(w/o tax)

※ For companies and organizations, the left information and prices may vary. Please contact us for more details.

⑥ Audition Details

Audition Details

For exhibitors interested in exhibiting at the BATOMA CHRISTMAS, we require an audition and can take place at any time.
For those interested in taking part in an audition, please send the required documents to the following e-mail address.
Results of the audition will be sent via e-mail or written mail within two weeks of receiving the required materials.
Exhibitor’s guidebook and exhibitor’s application form will be sent to successful candidates of the auditions.

Exhibiting Items

Ornaments, lightings, candles, fragrances, gifts, variety goods, etc

⑦ Contact

For questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact.